Hella Better Dancer

Amersham Arms

Some pictures from Soundcheck before we played our set at Amersham Arms on Friday.

We played with Lost Left who were great, check them out here:


Saw Sheen play last week at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

I think they’re gunna release some more songs soon, can’t wait. They’re also playing with Swim Deep this Friday at The Old Blue Last which will be rad

Antimatter People

Today we went to the colonel fawcett and saw our friend Yehan Jehan & Antimatter People play. 

I’ve always know that Yehan was a pedal freak, but this was a new level.

They’ve got a really special show coming up at St Leonard’s Shoreditch Church. I’ll be singing with them for the show as part of a choir. Get tickets here!


Occasional Love

Our next show is on Friday 11th at The Amersham Arms in New Cross. A first gig south of the river!

According to Bandcamp, someone recently came across ‘Living Room’ by Googling “determine the ph of a .0034m hno3 solution”. For everyone who hasn’t Googled that, you can buy it for next to nothing (or download it for free)

HERE http://hellabetterdancer.bandcamp.com/

Model Staggs/All We Are/Stealing Sheep

Yesterday we went down to the Lock Tavern to play a couple of songs at the dj booth for SHELTEREDs night. There were 3 awesome bands playing.

First on was Model Staggs from Cambridge

Next was All We Are from Liverpool

Last on was Stealing Sheep. They were great headliners

Other photos from the night:

Hoxton Square

Some pictures from our set

Slaves played put on a mega good show

Then we ran over to Old Blue Last and caught our friends Big Deal play a really rad set


Yesterday me and Soph went to Brighton. That sea looks gooooood

Amongst other things, we spent a good part of the day at a guitar shop in the Lanes. I tired out this Fender Mustang Kurt Cobain model. It is so nice, oh yeah!

White On White

Yesterday we had our first show with new HBD member Chris O’Driscoll at the Lock Tavern for Lottarox. We had loads of fun


Our next show is this Thursday at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen for White on White. We’ll be playing with Slaves, supporting Sulk. Email us for £4 cheap list!